Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gramma Vintage!

My Grammas are 
THE COOLEST people I know!
My chainsaw-wielding, wood-chopping,
goat-milking, quilting fun-loving Gramma.

Yup, that's me...  {awe...}
 ...And my bungee-jumping, parachuting, quilting, crochetting,
beautiful Gramma.
Things that remind me of my Gramma are my FAVORITE things!
Both of my Gramma's sew, quilt, crochet, etc....  My first memories of crochetting, knitting, & embroidery are sitting on my Gramma's couch, learning from the best!  My mom taught me to sew & cross-stitch, and everything I forgot while at Gramma's!  Haha!
So I want to incorperate things that remind me of my amazing heritage in my sewing room.
I LOVE old wooden spools of thread! 
 I have collected quite a few.... 
I decided I need a cool hanging rack/shelf/thingy to display them on.
Where do you go to find inspiration???
PINTEREST, of course!!
Then I got to work...
I took this COOL chalk-painted frame. 
Added fun fabric. 
Trimmed this $9 Walmart thread rack to fit. 
Painted it black. 
Attatched it from the back with screws...
Another thing I love that gets me all nostalgic...
My Gramma has one that is handmade, super old, and perfect!  It is crocheted, and beautiful! 
(I covet it!)
So I did some research, and found the pattern!!
And made this:
Here's how:
First, crochet the pineapple...  FREE pattern HERE.  (Make just one!)
Trace shape of finished pineapple onto cardboard.  (I used a Borax box.  I cut two and glued them together for strength.)

Cover the back of the cardboard shape with fabric...  Hot glue is AWESOME!
Trim the excess fabric

Next comes stuffing...  LOTS of it!
Carefully cover the stuffing, and glue fabric to the back.  Again, trim the excess.

CAREFULLY glue crocheted pineapple to stuffed fabric shape.
Last, weave the ribbon.  It took a while to figure it out!  But once I did, it was easy! 
Finish with a bow, and Voila!!
Two down!!!  I'll post more when I begin to put my room together
LOVE those Grammas!!

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