Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby Blue, The Workhorse & The Dynamic Duo

Before I dive into my first Mod-iste makeover, I would like to introduce you to my beauties!
#1~ BelAir Precision De Luxe model 202

 Could you just DIE!!??

I scored this beauty in a thrift store recently for $15!  I was just walking around minding my own business when I saw the old tattered case, and noticed it had a blue handle....
{{Blue is my FAVorite color, so it of course drew my attention!}}
Could it be???  Was it possible???
{{{{pounding heart}}}}
I lifted the cover up ever so slightly, and immediately spied the gorgeous blue beauty inside! 
I threw that baby in my cart so fast I probably gave it whiplash!!  Smiled at my good fortune and RAN to the checkout... 
...giggling the whole way!!
Just a month or so before, I sacrificed my beloved vintage black & gold Singer to help fund a trip across-country to visit family. 
I was SO sad....  Until I found this!!!
This machine is a "clone" machine of the exact Singer I had before.  Just in my FAVORITE peaceful blue...
It runs beautifully!  {What Luck!!}  And a friend of mine re-finished the sewing table a lovely green! 
I am complete....  :O)

I shall call her...

{Baby Blue}

And now for the less beautiful, but couldn't live without:

#2~  JUKI Industrial...

{{The Workhorse}}
#3 & 4~  Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 & Huskylock 936 serger

{{The Dynamic Duo}} 
These machines are used and abused, and just keep on sewing.  I have had a LOT of other machines in the past, and these machines have been the constants....  i have had the JUKI for about 13 years, the Serger for 9, and the D1 for about 7...  LOVE them all!!!!!

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