Thursday, January 3, 2013

From Mother To Daughter

My FAVORITE Mod-iste Makeover!
{Mother's wedding dress}

Original Bodice was beautiful!  But it was lacking in the bead department, and had a rather pointy chest!
To remedy this, I added a beaded applique to one side of the neck, and took out a bit of the stitching in the chest darts.

Notice I shortened the sleeves...
{I was SOOO nervous cutting the sleeves off that I waited until the LAST!!  Haha!  I had the mother standing there, and kept asking, "Are you sure?  I mean, REALLY sure??"}
I cut off the overlay of the original skirt,
and used it to make the new Bride's veil.

I then made a completely new tufted skirt,
and added it to the original waistline.

The back of the dress was very plain...

...The bride requested a beautiful corset back in a lovely grey satin.  I also stitched up a fun satin & lace rose and long sash.

It turned out better than I had hoped!!!
I LOVE that this Mother & Daughter got to share their wedding dress,
and BOTH got the style and feel they wanted.

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