Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bootcut to Flare

My friend bought these pants online with the understanding that they were flared. 
Upon arrival however, she was sad to discover that they were barely even bootcut!
So she brought them over.
Lets get to work!

  To get a reference point, I measured the width of the leg before I started...  9" 
Next, I checked the seam allowance to see what we had to work with...
Pick Pick Pick!!
(You want to open up the hem enough that you can lay it flat to sew...  About 1.5" on either side of the seam.)
Pin Pin Pin!!
(Turn the pants inside-out and pin both seams on each pant leg from the knee down.)
Mark a line that tapers from the original seam at the knee down & out to meet the original serge edge at the hem on all 4 seams.
Try not to sew into the serge!  You will see the serge through your seam!  Not to mention getting a bit too little seam allowance!
Stitch the new seams...  Remember to backstitch!!!
Pick out the original seams being careful to not pick past the backstitch. 
(If you pay attention & pick the right thread, you can pull out the chain stitch super fast!)
Press Press Press!!
Re-hem the bottom edge.
Voila!!  Gained almost an inch on each leg! 
HaPpY Friend!!

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